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LTE Filters
404401 - at800 LTE/4G Filter Coax Channel 21-59Televes 404401 - at800 LTE/4G Filter Coax Channel 21-59

Part No.: 404401

£14.30 RRP + VAT

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Official at800 approved 4G LTE TV Aerial filters from Televes. These are the exact same filters being provided to thousands of households throughout the UK.

The 4G filter will allow all the traditional TV Aerial (Freeview) signals through but block any other signals from passing down your TV Aerial coaxial cable. A lot of the interference will come from high levels of 4G signals overloading traditional TV Aerial amplifiers and TV tuners. Fitting a TV Aerial filter will block out these high levels allowing your TV receiving equipment to function as normal.

This filter prevents 4G phone signal to get into your TV. Otherwise, these signals might avoid the right TV reception.

- "IEC" connectors
- 10 cm cable lead
- Velcro strip, to secure it to the TV 
Technical Specifications

References: 404401
Filter type: LC
Pass band: 5-782 MHz
Pass band attenuation: 1 dB
Attenuation at the upper end of the pass band: 6 dB
Rejected band: 791-862 MHz
Rejected band attenuation: >20 dB
Dimensions (W x H x D): 64 x 34 x 22.5 mm