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TMB2000 - Programmable Multiband Amplifier Filter 360235Triax TMB2000 - Programmable Multiband Amplifier Filter 360235

Part No.: TMB2000

£288.46 RRP + VAT

Stock: In stock

Combines filtering, converting and amplifying of different antenna signals, in a very compact unit.

- Up to 4 VHF/UHF +FM aerial inputs
- More than 50 channels that can be processed/converted at the same time
- Very high channel selectivity
- Real time AGC on all individual multiplexes
- Switchable remote feeding for antenna mast amplifiers
- LTE I and II compliant
- ESD protection all inputs

Technical Specifications


MER: 35 (@VHF/UHF) dB
Input level - FM: 37...77 dBV
Input level - BIII/DAB: 40...109 dBV
Input level - UHF: 40...109 dBV
Output level BI/FM: 112 @FM dBV
Output level @ 60dB IMD - VHF: 120 (113@1MUX, 110@6MUX) dBV
Output level @ 60dB IMD - UHF: 120 (113@1MUX, 110@6MUX) dBV
Selectivity: 35 dB/MHz
Test point: -30 dB


Frequency range BI/FM: 88...108 MHz
Frequency range BIII/DAB: 174...240 MHz
Frequency range UHF: 470...862 MHz
LTE protection: Auto: 694/790/OFF
Number of channel filters: >50


Gain - FM [47-108 MHz]: 35 dB
Gain - VHF: >45 dB
Gain - UHF: >55 dB


Attenuation: 0...20 (FM, VHF, UHF -Chan. AGC) 0...20 (general all inputs) dB


Impedance: 75 Ω


AC Supply voltage: 100...240 VAC
Power Consumption (typ.): 16 W
Remote Supply: 12...24/100 V/mA
Operating temperature range: -5 - +50 C


Connector Type: F-female
Connector IN: F-female
Connector OUT: F-female
Number of inputs: 4 VHF/UHF +1 FM
Number of outputs: 1 FM/VHF/UHF + 1 Test port


Dimensions product (H x D x W): 165x58x165 mm
Packing QTY: 1
Packaging Height: 0,230 m
Packaging Width: 0,270 m
Packaging Depth: 0,075 m
Packaging Volume: 0,005 m3
Net Weight: 0,815 kg
Tara Weight: 0,155 kg
Total Weight: 0,970 kg
Remarks: SD slot for copy & upgrade Conversion: any VHF/UHF channel to any VHF/UHF channel