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Wi-Fi Networking
Ubiquiti Networks
ES-5XP - Unifi EdgeSwitch Advanced 5-Port PoE SwitchUbiquiti Networks ES-5XP - Unifi EdgeSwitch Advanced 5-Port PoE Switch

Part No.: ES-5XP

£112.23 RRP + VAT

Stock: In stock


- 5 Gigabit PoE Ports
- 24V Configurable Passive PoE
- EdgeSwitch XP Configuration Interface
- Wall-Mountable

Advanced Gigabit PoE Managed Switch

Introducing the Advanced Power over Ethernet Switches, EdgeSwitch™ XP from Ubiquiti Networks. EdgeSwitch XP delivers reliable passive PoE and fast 10/100/1000 Mbps connectivity to attached Ubiquiti devices and other devices that support passive PoE.

To connect your PoE devices, simply enable PoE in the easy-touse EdgeSwitch XP Configuration Interface. Each port can be individually configured to provide PoE, so both
PoE and non‑PoE devices can be connected.

EdgeSwitch 5XP is a cost‑effective, 5-port Gigabit switch with 24V PoE support.

Simplify Your Deployment

EdgeSwitch XP allows network architects to design cleaner, less cluttered deployments. For example, integrating one EdgeSwitch 5XP can eliminate the need for the following:
• 5 PoE adapters
• 5 power cords
• 5 power outlets
• 5 Ethernet patch cables

EdgeSwitch XP deployments increase efficiency and greatly reduce potential failure points – resulting in faster installations and less maintenance and troubleshooting.

Intuitive Configuration Interface

EdgeSwitch XP provides a user‑friendly configuration interface designed for efficient setup and control. Accessed via a secured management port and web browser, the EdgeSwitch XP Configuration Interface provides intuitive management with a virtual view of the ports, showing physical connectivity, speed, and PoE status. 

Advanced Features

EdgeSwitch XP is loaded with a variety of advanced features, including:
- Port monitoring
- System connection and management services
- Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) configuration
- Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) / Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)
- Jumbo Frame Support
- Ping Watchdog
- Configurable alerts

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 197 x 87.5 x 27.3 mm
Weight: 250 g
Power Input: 24VDC, 2.5A Power Adapter (Included)
Max. Power Consumption: 60 W
PoE Out Voltage Range: 22-24VDC
Max. PoE Wattage Per Data Port: 11.5 W
ESD Rating: 24 kV Air / 24 kV Contact
PoE Method: Passive
Button: Reset
USB Port: 2.0 Type A (Reserved for Future Use)
Processor: MIPS 24K, 400 MHz
System Memory: 64 MB
Code Storage: 8 MB
Certifications: CE, FCC, IC
Wall-Mount: Yes
Operating Temperature: -25 to 55°C (-13 to 131° F)
Operating Humidity: 90% Non-Condensing


Management Port: N/A
Data Ports: Off/24V


Management Port: Power /Link/Activity
Data Ports: PoE, Speed/Link/Activity


Management Port: (1) 10/100 Ethernet Port
Data Ports: (5) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports