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Sky TV & Broadband

Aerials & Cable Equipment can provide all Sky Q, Sky+HD, Broadband & Talk services

We can help you choose from the full range of all Sky TV, Broadband and Talk services including Sky+ HD and Sky Q in UHD, you will be supplied with your Sky card along with all the necessary equipment tailored to your specific installation requirements. If you are moving home, we can ensure you have Sky TV installed and working from day one.

Aerials & Cable Equipment are an Approved Sky Partner’s so we are able to provide the whole package from beginning to end:

  • No call centres
  • Sky+HD and Sky Q TV and all the latest Sky TV offers
  • More flexibility with Sky Q cable free network & Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Sky+HD and Sky Q TV, Broadband, Fibre, Sky Talk and line rental advice – tailored packages to suit your needs

Our HD Media Installer partners will:

  • Tailor installation to your specific requirements
  • Decide the best location for your dish and equipment
  • Discuss where to route the cabling
  • Offer more flexibility with Sky Q Wi-Fi network allowing for hotspots and no cables
  • Link up the Satellite Dish, Sky box, Multiscreen Boxes, TV and Broadband Router
  • Show you how to use your Sky TV system and devices
  • Ensure that the system is all working perfectly
  • Offer ongoing help and advice

If you are looking for Sky Multiscreen, we can set this up for you too. If you have already spoken to Sky and their engineer has told you that your area is not compatible with their service due to satellite dish installation problems, we can help. We will go the extra mile to find a suitable location for your Sky dish.

Occasionally planning laws can make the siting of your Sky satellite dish more difficult. We can overcome this by placing the dish in a discreet place, such as the garden or on an outbuilding. Our HD Media Partners are used to working at heights so this is never a problem for us. Added to this, even if your cable runs are long or complex, our HD Media partners take the time to lay them neatly and tidily and will on request hide them from view.

Sky+HD provides you with a huge selection on TV, Catch Up, On Demand and Box Sets in Standard Definition, High Definition and now Sky Q offers Ultra HD for all your viewing requirements. If you wish to upgrade from Sky+HD to Sky Q which are both premium services, we will provide you with the correct equipment tailored to your needs. We can also provide all Sky Broadband and Fibre services and can install your router for you, set up your broadband access and make sure that everything is working perfectly.

Being an approved Sky Partner this also means that we have access to all of the latest Sky Offers so please call us now for all your Sky TV, Broadband and Talk requirements.

Best wishes


Business Development Manager