Antiference 6 Way Mains Powered Distribution Amplifier Sky Compatible

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Product Code: DA260

New range of distribution amplifiers featuring UHF & VHF inputs, DC by-pass for compatibility with SKY™ distribution systems & energy efficient PSU.

Technical Specifications

  • No. of Inputs: 2
  • No. of Outputs: 6
  • Frequency Range: 45-230/470-862MHz
  • Gain: 10dB+2
  • Noise Max: <3.5dB
  • Max Output: 78dB
  • Isolation Between Ports: >20dB
  • Return Path Frequency: 5-30MHz
  • Impedance: 75
  • Mains Power (red LED): 230V AC ± 10% 50Hz Fitted Mains Plug BS1363 3A rating
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Product Code: DA260