Antiference Allround Omnidirectional FM Radio Aerial

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Product Code: FM1080
The Antiference FM1080 Omni Directional Aerial is designed to pick up local radio stations from different directions.

Obtaining the best signal is key to good radio reception and a faulty radio aerial can cause distortion on FM and breakup or lost reception on DAB digital radio. This aerial is well constructed, featuring two ring elements with 0 > db gain with a 0 > db front to back ratio, making it ideal for local radio stations.

Technical Specifications
  • Type: FM1080
  • Giving you freedom to tune to transmitter, whatever their direction, within a good reception range
  • Light and easy to install outdoors or in the loft
  • Will mount conveniently onto an existing 3/4" to 2" diameter mast.
  • Length 510 mm
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  • Product Code:
Product Code: FM1080