Antiference Pro-Series Screened FM/DAB/UHF Masthead Triplexer

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Product Code: UDF400DC

UDF400DC triplexer is used for combining UHF & VHF signals onto a single cable allowing a TV & radio aerial to be connected together. A 2nd unit may be used at the end of the cable run to split the signals apart again or an outlet plate such as the SW710UV or W710

DC pass is featured on the UHF leg to allow a masthead amp to be powered through the diplexer.


  • A range of devices for splitting or combining UHF & VHF signals
  • DC Pass on UHF for use with pre-amp
  • Improved filtering rejects out of band interference
  • Fully screened
  • Built-in box F spanner
  • Switchable DC for UHF masthead

Technical Specifications

  • Inputs: FM, DAB, UHF
  • Frequency Range:
    • FM: 88-108MHz
    • DAB: 174-230MHz
    • UHF: 470-790MHz
  • Insertion Loss:
    • FM: <1.0dB
    • DAB: <1.0dB
    • UHF: <1.0dB
  • DC Pass:
    • UHF: 12V 100mA
  • Out of Band Rejection:
    • FM: >25dB DAB, >30dB UHF
    • DAB: >25dB FM, >25dB UHF
    • UHF: >30dB FM, >25dB DAB
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  • Product Code:
Product Code: UDF400DC