Blake Satellite Star Base 18in Legs x 2in x 8in Galvanised

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Product Code: SAT/3S
Satellite Star Base 18" Legs x 2" x 8" Galvanised

Adaptor Ground Plates Bases
  • Either 150 mm square base includes four slots for bolting in position or 4 leg version with double bolt position in each leg.
  • Suitable for insertion of 2" masting.
Technical Information
  • Base Size: 920mm
  • Mast Height: 203mm
  • All bolt fixings are secured with nylock nuts.
  • All mounts and welded products are constructed to BS EN ISO 15614 for strong & secure joints.
  • All products are galvanized finished to BS EN ISO 1461.
  • Square footprint.
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Product Code: SAT/3S