DIP2/DC - SAT IF-UHF/FM Diplexer

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Product Code: DIP2/DC

The Global DIP2/DC allows a satellite dish LNB signal to be added to an existing TV aerial cable. Use in conjunction with either the indoor DIP1 internal diplexer or a diplexed TV and satellite socket/outlet plate to seperate the signals for connection to TV and satellite receiver.

The DIP2/DC has high isolation to prevent the satellite LNB noise interferring with the terrestrial signals or harmonics of the terrestrial signals. The DIP2/DC allows DC voltage to pass though to a TV mast head amplifier as well as the dish LNB.


  • High isolation between satellite and TV ports
  • Low insertion loss

Technical Specifications

  • TV Port: 47-860MHz
  • Insertion Loss: <2dB
  • Isolation: >40dB
  • Current Passed to UHF/VHF Port: 100mA (12V max)
  • Impedance: 75 Ohm
  • Satellite Port: 950-2150 MHz
  • Insertion Loss: <3dB
  • Isolation: >30dB
  • Current Passed: 1A max
  • External Installation: Yes
  • Brand:
    Global Invacom
  • Product Code:
Product Code: DIP2/DC