EV5-100T - V5 Mains Powered SAT/Terr Launch Amplifier and System PSU

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Product Code: EV5-100T

EV5 Launch and Line amplifiers are designed for EV5 cascaded and radial multiswitch systems for amplifying satellite and terrestrial trunk cable signals. Each amplifier has four separate SAT IF amplifiers and one broadband terrestrial amplifier in a fully screened diecast housing for added interference immunity. V5-100T and 101T are designed to filter 4G-800 LTE interference. Each model incorporates reliable switched attenuation and slope control on all five inputs. The terrestrial amplifiers use high-quality push-pull technology for low distortion and high output capability.

EV5-100T with built-in power supply can be used to power line-powered systems including the LNB at up to 2A. EV5-101T can be line powered via its input or output connectors or with a remote power supply (V5-034 recommended). Both models have LED indicators for power and fault indication.


  • Designed for large, medium and small line powered IRS installations
  • Power from headend, anywhere on horizontal trunk cables via remote power supply, or local power
  • Current consumption as low as 60mA from trunk and 65mA receiver
  • Active satellite and terrestrial with “stepped” gain for signal equalisation
  • Switchable input attenuators for all satellite and terrestrial input bands
  • High input/output capability for long subscriber lines
  • Pre-mounted earth bars and 6mm2 earth post
  • LED power indicator
  • Fully screened diecast housings for extreme interference immunity

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Range:
    • SAT: IF 950-2400MHz
    • Terrestrial: 47 -790MHz
  • Gain:
    • SAT: IF 22dB
    • Terrestrial: 22dB
  • Gain Control/ Attenuation SAT & Terr Inputs: 0 – 15dB 1dB steps
  • Slope Control:
    • SAT: IF 0 / 3 / 5/ 7dB
    • Terrestrial: 0 / 6 / 12 / 18dB
  • Isolation:
    • SAT / SAT: 30dB
    • SAT / Terr: 30dB
  • Noise Figure (typical): ≤9dB
  • Terr Output IMD3 -35dB ( EN50083-3): 115dBµV
  • SAT IF Output IMD3 -35dB (EN50083-3): 114dBµV
  • External powering:
    • V Lines: 14V 0.5A switchable with LED indicator
    • H Lines: 18V 2.0A switchable with LED indicator
    • Terr Lines: 12V 0.1A switchable with LED indicator
  • DC Pass switchable via H Lines: 2A max when load is shared on H:Lo & H:Hi
  • Power consumption: 230V AC 50Hz 7w without external load
  • Operating temperature range: -20° to +50°C
  • LED indicators x 3: Green: 12V on | 18V on | 14V on / Red: overload/SC
  • Connectors / Earth Connection: RF F female | 4mm2 Earth Post | UK mains plug 3A
  • Dimension & Weight: 284x 135x52mm, 1.0kg
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  • Product Code:
Product Code: EV5-100T