F700260 - Fibre Scope

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Product Code: F700260

A robust yet portable scope allowing fibre terminations to be checked in the field. Ensures any Fibre connections are clean before splicing. Part of the FibreMDU system from Global Invacom. High performance technology making fibre optics an affordable yet practical altenative to coax in IF systems.

This hand held connector inspection fibre microscope provides coaxial illumination from a white light LED. The FibreScope is used to inspect the ferrule end face of fibre connectors for defects such as scratches and contamination.


  • Laser safety filters built in for maximum safety.
  • Recomended for single mode applications.
  • 100x - 400x Optical Zoom.
  • Smooth focus control.
  • Brand:
    Global Invacom
  • Product Code:
Product Code: F700260