Fracarro 5 Elements UHF Biconical Aerial

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Product Code: BLU5HD LTE

UHF band biconical aerial complete with F connector and grid reflectors. Tool less mounting BLU series, thanks to premounted elements, quick coupling radiator and reflectors and mast bracket with zenith adjustment and wingnut. High gain, optimum impedance adaptation and excellent directivity. LTE filter inserted in the radiator dipole.


  • Biconic UHF band antenna with F connector
  • Pre-assembled directors, radiator and quick-coupling reflectors on a slide already present on the cradle. Assembly is completed without the aid of any tools
  • Particular attention in the choice of materials to obtain a higher strength
  • High gain, excellent impedance matching and excellent directivity
  • Innovative attachment to the mast with standard adjustment and knurled surface that allows excellent resistance and seal to the mast and butterfly nut to be able to tighten it without the aid of any tool
  • An LTE filter has been inserted in the radiator dipole to guarantee the quality of the distributed signal and to obtain excellent filtering of the interfering signals in the LTE band (790-860) reserved for mobile telephony

Technical Specifications

  • Code: 217910
  • No of Elements: 5
  • Band: UHF
  • Channel: E21-E60
  • Bandwidth: 470-790 MHz
  • Gain: 14 dBi
  • Front/Back ratio: 30 dB
  • Return loss: -16 dB
  • Beam width (-3dB): ±25°
  • Wind load at 120km/h (720N/m²): 5.7 kg (55.86 N)
  • Connector Type: F
  • Impedance: 75 Ω
  • Max mast (Ø): 60 mm
  • Dimensions (L x H): 84 x 50 cm
  • Quantity Master box: 10 pcs
  • Unit weight: 1.75 kg
  • Total weight: 19.4 kg


  • Horizontal polarization: Included
  • Horizontal polarization Tilt adjustment: Included
  • Vertical polarization: Included
  • Vertical polarization Tilt adjustment: Included
  • Auxiliary boom: N/A
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  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
Product Code: BLU5HD LTE