MOD111 - RF Modulator

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Product Code: MOD111

This compact unit allows modulation of CCTV signals, so that they can be easily distributed.


  • Suitable for UK/Continental use
  • Loop Through
  • LED Digital display
  • RF Output level control
  • Software Switchable
  • PAL B/G. PAL-I and PAL-K
  • Fully compatible with CCTV cameras
  • Contains: Power adaptor (9VDC/300mA), Scart to Scart cable, Scart to phono adaptor, BNC to phono adaptor, User guide
  • Unit can be piggy-backed to use more than one signal.

Technical Specifications

  • ANT to TV: 40-1000MHz: 0-4dB
  • ANT/TV Port: F
  • Modulator Output FRE: 470-860MHz adj
  • RF Output level: 65-85 dBuV
  • Aufio Sub-carrier: 4.5MHZ, 5.5MHz, 6.0MHz and 6.5MHz
  • Audio Carrier O/P Level compared to video carrier: -12dB or-16dB
  • Audio/Video Input Port: SCART port
  • Video input impedence: 75Ω
  • Video Input level: 1Vp-p
  • Audio Input: Recommended 600 and 1Vpp
  • Digitally displayed channel selection, channels 21 to 69.
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Product Code: MOD111