PRO110 - 1 in 1 out 9dB UHF F-type Masthead Amplifier (proMHD11L)

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Product Code: PRO110


  • Fully-screened amplifier modules in robust diecast enclosures. Strong cast-in 'F' connectors.
  • Free-draining moulded outer enclosures give easy access and cannot trap water.
  • Low noise figures and well-filtered inputs. Sharp cut off below 400 MHz, helps avoid interference problems from nearby transmitters: CB, PMR, TETRA, HF & VHF amateur radio, etc.
  • Variable gain models have interstage control to maintain good noise figure at reduced gain.
  • All multi-way amplifiers can be powered via any output.
  • Also available complete with power supply (PRO100/F).
  • With equipotential bonding point.

Technical Specifications

  • No. of inputs: 1
  • No. of outputs: 1
  • Gain: 9dB
  • NF: 1.8dB
  • Max. input: 80 dBµV
  • Power: 5-12V, 25mA
  • Typical Applications: Margin raising preamplifier
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Product Code: PRO110