PRO26R - 6+1-way Set Back VHF/UHF Distribution Amplifier with IR Return

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Product Code: PRO26R

This mains-powered multi-way amplifier is used to distribute the UHF output from a satellite receiver (usually from the RF OUT-2 port of a Sky box), making a selected satellite channel available at up to 2 additional outputs around the home. The built-in RF retun path (5-10 MHz) together with power for remote infrared receiver 'eyes' on all outputs makes it a simple matter to add remote control. VHF/FM and/or DAB aerials can also be connected. Cool-running design independently certified to relevant safety and EMC standards.


  • Separate filtered VHF and UHF inputs. NEW Mk 3 versions have dual-filtered VHF inputs covering both Bands II and III, adding capability for DAB, with equipotential bonding point.
  • Sharp cut-off 'TETRA' filtering helps avoid interference from nearby HF and VHF transmitters.
  • 9 V power for infrared receiver eyes on all outputs (max. load 15 mA per outlet). Each output is individually short-circuit protected.
  • Compatible with PROception proSAT1EYE low-current IR eye (p27), and industry-standard eyes.
  • With equipotential bonding point.

Technical Specifications

  • No. of inputs: 2
  • No. of outputs: 6
  • Connectors: F
  • Gain: 5dB
  • Max Input: 77 dBµV
  • Frequency Range: VHF (BII & BIII) & UHF
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
Product Code: PRO26R