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ProMOD32 - UHF AV Modulator with Control Extension and Sky I/O Replication

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Product Code: ProMOD32

The proMOD32 fills the gap left by the removal of RF modulators from many digital set-top-boxes, recorders and similar products.

The unit allows continued use of the popular ‘extension room’ application, where the selected programme output of one of more set-top devices is made available at a number of remote outlets, with the capability to allow remote control of the source equipment from the remote room(s). The unit provides a modulated UHF analogue sound and vision signal, suitable for any TV with a UK analogue tuner. (Remote TVs will require integral digital tuners or their own digital set-top boxes in order to watch off-air digital broadcast.


  • High quality sound and vision modulator - UK PAL standard video with mono FM audio (System I).
  • Supports infrared remote control extension from remote rooms to most source equipment.
  • Supports the new Sky I/O PORT interface - a simple single-lead connection to new-style Sky boxes (lead suplied).
  • Loop-through SCART connections - allows single-SCART boxes to be used, retaining an output for a local TV.
  • Tamper-resistant output channel selection - covers UHF channels 21-60.
  • Provides DC power for remote amplifier and IR ‘eyes’ (systems up to four ways) - replaces the Sky FR2 power.
  • LTE800-protected RF input.

Connectivity and Functionality in Detail


This is a 10-pin mini-DIN conector as found on newer-style Sky boxes. A single lead connection carries audio and video to the modulator and hard-wired IR control commands in the return direction. This is similar to the previous ‘control-over-RF2’ configuration. An IR blaster is not required for control of a Sky box.


SCART-IN is a second AV input for other set-top boxes, PVRs or DVD’s (etc.). It can be used instead of, (or in addition to), the Sky I/O PORT.

TV-SCART is a fully-wired loop-through output intended for the local (usually the main) TV. The output carries stereo audio, buffered composite video, RGB or component video (depending on input) and the switching & aspect ratio signal (Pin 8). Use of this output is optional and an HDMI connection will often be used in preference.


The proMOD32 will automatically select the SKY-I/O input if it detects a signal from the Sky box. This is overridden by SCART-IN if the switching signal on Pin 8 of SCART 1 is activated.

Similarly if the SCART-IN input is active it will be overridden if the Sky box is brought out of standby. This means the most recently activated source determines which input feeds the modulator. (NB the feed to TV-SCART always comes from SCART-IN. The Sky box has its own SCART and HDMI outputs.)

If neither input has been selected since power-up, the modulator outputs a simple test pattern (similar to a VCR) to aid receiver tuning.

RF Ports

RF-IN (IEC female, DC-blocked): LTE-filtered input for upstream signals, usually the TV aerial (looped through other equipment where relevant). Use of this input is optional and it can be left disconnected when not in use.

RF-OUT (’F’ connector) carries the inputs at RF-IN (if any) plus the modulated output. RF-OUT will be connected to a remote point, or to multiple points via a suitable amplifier (e.g. PROception proAMP104X or proAMP310X).

RF-OUT carries 9 V DC power for an amplifier up to 4-way and associated IR ‘eyes’. Systems of more than four ways require separately powered amplifiers. The maximum current that can be drawn from this output is 75mA. The DC source is short-circuit proof.

Output Signal Distribution and Remote Control


Direct feed to a single remote point:

  • Up to four-remote-point system using a PRO ception proAMP104X amplifier. No additional power supply is necessary. NB this amplifier supports UHF distribution only.
  • Up to ten remote point system with VHF capability using a PROception pro AMP310X amplifier. A proPSA123 power unit is required to power the 10-way amplifier.
  • ProAMP-R series mains powered return path amplifiers may also be used.
  • The use of passive splitters on the modulator output is not recommended since this complicates the powering arrangements.


  • The PROception pro SAT1EYE Mk 3 IR receiver eye is recommended for use in the remote rooms. (Available separately). Similar products may also work, but are not guaranteed to be compatible in all cases.
  • A new-style Sky box connected via the Sky I/O PORT receives its IR commands over the wire and does not require an IR blaster. (Sky feature connector lead supplied).
  • The proMOD32 system will also provide control for a wide range of other equipment, using an IR blaster device (IR re-emitter). A suitable accessory, the proMOD32-IRBLAST simply plugs into the IR-OUT port provided. (Available separately). ‘Blaster control’ should work with any equipment using a remote control system with an IR carrier frequency in the range 36 to 38kHz - i.e. most implementations of the RC5, RC6 and NEC protocols. Compatibility with any specific equipment is not guaranteed.
  • Cable TV boxes: older cable boxes using IrdDA (manufactured by Pace) are not compatible. Newer Virgin V+ boxes (manufactured by Samsung) are reported to be compatible.
  • Bang and Olufsen ‘Beolink’ equipment is also known to be incompatible.

Accessories Supplied

  • Mains power adapter
  • Sky Feature Connector lead
  • Comprehensive instruction leaflet

Technical Specifications


  • Operating frequency range (loop-through): 87.5 – 790 MHz (Band II – Ch E60)
  • Loop-through gain: 0 – 3 dB
  • Modulator output channels: E21 – E60 switch selectable
  • Modulator RF output level: 70 – 75 dBμV (peak sync)


  • Modulation type: DSB AM with FM mono sound at +6 MHz
  • TV system: UK System I generally to ITU-R Rec. BT 4701 1
  • Video input (Sky I/O port and SCART-IN): CVBS 1 V p-p (internal 75 Ωtermination)
  • Buffered video output (TV SCART): CVBS 1 V p-p (with external 75 Ωtermination)2
  • Audio input sensitivity at Sky I/O port: 1.5 V RMS sine for ±27 kHz deviation 3
  • Audio input sensitivity at SCART-IN: 0.5 V RMS sine for ±27 kHz deviation 3


  • Power available at RF-OUT: 9 V DC at 75 mA max. (s/c protected)
  • Remote control type (Sky I/O): Hard-wired over Sky I/O interface
  • Remote control type (other): Infrared re-emission using IR blaster
  • Infrared regenerated carrier frequency: Adjustable over approx. 30 – 40 kHz


  • RF-IN: ‘IEC’ (female) (IEC 61169-2)
  • RF-OUT: Type-F (female) (IEC 61169-24)
  • Sky I/O: 10-pin mini-DIN (proprietary interface)
  • IR-OUT: 3.5 mm mono jack
  • DC power: 2.1/5.5 mm DC jack


  • Operating temperature range: 0 – +40 °C
  • DC power requirement: 12 V (nominal) at 400 mA max. 4
  • Safety standard: BS EN 60065
  • EMC standards: BS EN 55013 & BS EN 55020
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Product Code: ProMOD32