PSA125 - 12V 300mA DC Power Supply Unit (proPSA125)

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Product Code: PSA125

Unregulated power unit with higher current ratings, suitable for use with PROception new generation amplifiers. The unit utilises an efficient cooling-running mains transformers, fitted with an approved thermal fuse for overheat protection.

Designs independently certified to relevant safety standard BS EN 60065.


  • Plug-in unit, fits any BS 1363 socket-outlet. Standard DC output connector on flying lead.
  • Suitable for use with the proAMP310X, proAMP104X & proAMP108U new-generation amplifiers and proLINK22 & proMOD32 modulators
  • For local powering of the amplifier, where a nearby mains outlet is available.

Technical Specifications

  • Connector Type: 2.1mm
  • DC Output: 12V nom.
  • Max Current: 500mA
  • AC Power Connection: Plug-in (UK)

These units are not suitable for powering masthead amplifiers requiring a regulated 12 V supply.

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Product Code: PSA125