Qube QS1 Server Cabinet 42U 600mm Wide

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Product Code: QU4261

The QS1 Server Enclosure is a range of 19” floor standing hardware cabinets that have been developed to suit most of today’s server room and data centre applications. Due to the enclosures, strength, flexibility and depth they are able to house all common types of servers and hardware.

The range of QS1 Enclosures has been carefully designed to produce an exquisite and aesthetically pleasing enclosure. Not only have we produced a strong but light weight enclosure, we have also incorporated many useful features which make the QS1 Enclosure unique. These features include printed U markers on all four vertical panel mounts.

As standard all QS1 enclosures come supplied with a mesh front and mesh rear door which can be easily removed and hinged from either side of the enclosure. Both removable side panels can also be locked for additional security. Every enclosure comes with two sets of adjustable panel mounting profiles and a set of travel castors and jacking feet all ready fitted.

To complement the enclosures we also have a complete range of accessories such as roof fan trays, shelves, PDU’s, plinths and various cable management equipment.


  • 42U in height
  • 600 x 1000mm foot prints
  • 19” Adjustable front & rear vertical profiles (2.0mm thickness)
  • Lockable mesh front & rear doors (50% ventilation rate)
  • Doors can be hinged on left or right
  • Lockable & removable side panels
  • All-round ventilation for increased airflow
  • Multiple cable entry on the top & base of the cabinet (with removable glands)
  • Transport castors & jacking feet fitted
  • Cage nuts supplied (bag of 50)
  • All-round earth bonding
  • Up to 800kg static load capacity
  • Powdered coated finish – RAL9004 (Black)
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Product Code: QU4261