Triax ECO T5 Line Powered Repeater Amplifier 20/24dB (318171)

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Product Code: ECO T5 Line Amplifier

20/24 dB InLine Line Powered Repeater Amplifier.

ECO T5 Cascade Multiswitch Range - Simplify your IRS Installations

The range is designed with the latest chipset technology and offers financial gains for your business - saving you the time and rationalising the products required.

Traditionally installs required a designated tap value per floor for balancing a system. The new, innovative TRIAX adjustable tap enables the same tap to be used on all floors, creating a balanced system with excellent linearity across all polarities.

Active, unity gain 5 input cascade switches are available in 5 sizes up to 32 outputs.

Technical Specifications


  • Max. output level SAT @ -35 dB IMD3: 107 dBµV
  • Max. output level TER @ 60dB IMD3: 100 dBµV


  • Frequency range SAT: 950...2400 MHz
  • Frequency range: 40...790 MHz


  • Isolation TER to SAT: 35 (typ.) dB
  • Isolation cross polarisation H/V: 35 (typ.) dB


  • Return loss SAT inputs: >10 dB
  • Return loss SAT outputs: >10 dB
  • Return loss TER inputs: >10 dB
  • Return loss TER outputs: >10 dB


  • Impedance: 75 Ω


  • DC Current consumption (typ.): 350 mA
  • External PSU: Optional
  • Temperature range: -20...+55 °C


  • Number of inputs: 5
  • DC input connector: 5.5 / 2.1mm
  • Connector Type: F-female
  • Number of trunk outputs: 5


  • Depth (mm): 63 mm
  • Width (mm): 140 mm
  • Length (mm): 102 mm
  • Remarks: Active Terrestrial Gain - SAT +20dB Gain - TER +20dB
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  • Product Code:
    ECO T5 Line Amplifier
Product Code: ECO T5 Line Amplifier